Parker Fulflo TruBind Filter Cartridges

Parker Fulflo TruBind absorbent cartridges utilize a modified polymeric absorbent that economically and effectively reduces trace hydrocarbon (oil) contamination in aqueous fluids.  Single pass filtration effective strips hydrocarbons out of water to below 5 PPM.  Parker TruBind is the most effective way to eliminate hydrocarbons from water.


  • Parker Fulflo TruBind Filter Cartridges strip hydrocarbons from water.
  • Polymeric Absorbent traps hydrocarbons – you cannot squeeze oil out after absorption.
  • Reduces hydrobcarbon levels to meet EPA discharge regulations.
  • Absorbed hydrocarbon is chemically bound by polymer and is not leachable.
  • Parker Trubind filters are available in standard filter cartridge sizes – 2.5″ diameter and 4.5″ diameter.
  • Flow rates of 1 GPM per 10″ equivalent.  Cartridges fit industry standard housings.

Link to Parker TruBind Hydrocarbon removal filters Specification Sheet