Beko Qwik-Pure Condensate Treatment System

Beko Qwik-Pure oil-water separators are highly efficient and easily maintained systems for the treatment of piston compressor condensate blow down water.  Purified water meets the legal requirements regarding water discharge after removal of trace hydrocarbons.  Any facility using compressed air equipment needs to control and treat the inevitably occurring condensate.


  • Beko Qwik-Pure Condensate Treatment System saves money and environmental hassles.
  • Separates oil from condensate blow-down water.
  • Purified water meets legal requirements regarding wastewater discharge.
  • Easy to change filter that is safe for landfill discard.
  • Oekosorb cartridge is superior to conventional activated carbon cartridges.
  • Suitable for processing condensate from piston compressors.
  • Several units can be manifolded together to run off one inlet and be distributed through a flow splitter