Beko Bekosplit Oil Water Splitting Plant

Beko Bekosplit splitting plant is an indispensable tool for handling emulsified condensate.  These systems are a step above a gravity fed oil/water separator where stable emulsions are problematic.  Savings occur when using a Beko Bekosplit vs. using disposal by a specialist company off site.


  • Beko Bekosplit splitting plant cleans up emulsified condensates which occur with certain lubricant/compressor combinations
  • A splitting plant for the treatment of stable emulsions in condensate water
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals or heat required for treatment
  • Other applications include wash water from vehicles, leak test fluids, and bilge water
  • Process includes pre-separation tank, reaction chamber with bentonite, and bag filter
  • Electronic monitoring of all operating states insures proper operation
  • No moving parts ensures easy operation and maintenance.