Beko Owamat Gravity Oil/Water Separator

Beko’s Owamat is an efficient, easy way to handle oil laden compressor blow down condensate.  Oil/water separation with Owamat happens without power or compressed air.  Point of use condensate treatment allows blow down water to be put to drain after treatment.


  • Beko Owamat uses replaceable elements to treat compressor blow down water.
  • Compressor condensate is usually 99% water, 1% oil
  • Owamats can handle condensate from piston or rotary screw compressors
  • Can remove mineral oils, synthetic oils, PAO diester oils, and polyglycol oils
  • Compressor horsepower up to 1,400. 250 HP with single unit
  • Spent cartridges are landfill safe.
  • Easy cartridge change out is mess-free, no lose carbon.