Beko Bekokat Oil Free Compressed Air

Beko’s Bekokat system provides completely oil-free compressed air for critical applications. Bekokat transforms hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water through a process including catalyst and heat. This system combined with a standard compressor is better than an oil-free compressor because it destroys hydrocarbons after compression instead of compressing air with hydrocarbons and not using oil as a lubricant.  Bekokat compressed air is sterile air.


  • Beko Bekokat provides 100% oil free compressed air – beating oil free compressors
  • Flow rates from 35 scfm to 705 scfm, providing sterile, oil-free air.
  • Compressed air processed through Bekokat can be breathing air.
  • Reduces hydrocarbons to below .003 mg/meter cubed.
  • Kills bacteria and viruses in the compressed air providing sterile air.
  • Applications include pharmaceutical grade air, high purity chemical production, medical device air, and high quality paint.
  • Oil free compressors have trace oils from the air compressed, where Bekokat breaks the hydrocarbon chain after compression.
  • Kills coronavirus (Covid-19) in compressed air.
  • Before you buy an oil-free compressor, look at a standard compressor + BekoKat for better air and less maintenance

Link to Beko Bekokat Oil Free Compressed Air System Specification Sheet