Parker dh Filter Housings for Fermentation

Parker domnick hunter class-leading range of sterile gas products offer high system flow rates combined with low pressure drops and long stream life while also providing a high level of assurance against bacterial and viral contamination.



  • Parker dh Filter Housings for Fermentation are made for critical pharmaceutical applications
  • HSA series and ZVA series housings for bioreactor sterile air
  • Controlled aeration of fermentation processes is critical to achieving the required product yield from a bioreactor
  • Large-scale fermentation requires high volumes air to provide the level of oxygenation demanded by the culture
  • it is critical that this sparged air is sterile in order to avoid environmental contamination and batch spoilage
  • Use with Parker dh High Flow Bio-X, High Flow Tetpor, and Peplyn Filter cartridges.
  • Prevents aerosol bacteria and virus (coronavirus droplets) from entering critical storage.