Parker Clariflow™ Pharmaceutical and Biological Membranes

dh Parker Clariflow Pharmaceutical and Biological Grade polyethersulfone membrane filters meet the critical needs of many life science applications.  These applications include vaccines, injectables, pharmaceutical intermediates, bacteria free rinse water, and drug make up water.  Both P Grade and B Grade filters are validated and documented.  P Grade filters reduce bacterial burdens to sterilized conditions.



  • Parker Clariflow Pharmaceutical and Biological Membranes meet the requirements of critical life science applications.
  • Polyethersulfone membrane filter cartridges are validated.  Validation Guides are available.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade applications include: therapeutic agents, bacteria growth media, water for injection, immunological preparations, sera and plasma fractions.
  • Biological Grade applications include: pharmaceutical intermediates, parenteral solutions, reagent chemicals, make up water, vaccines.
  • Mirrored anisotropy membrane pore structure insures better flow while maintaining critical pore integrity.
  • Available in 10″ to 40″ cartridges and capsules with industry standard end caps.
  • Clariflow Micron ratings from 0.1 to 0.8 micron insuring high purity fluids.
  • Clariflow Pharmaceutical Grade is a sterilizing filter and can prevent virus droplets such as coronavirus (Covid-19) from passing downstream
  • Low protein binding characteristics.

Link to Parker Clariflow Biological Grade Sterilizing Filter Specification Sheet