Velcon Systems Portable Oil Filter Cart

Velcon Filters Portable Oil Filter Cart can be used when oil sumps, barrels, or storage tanks need intermittent cleaning without dedicating a system to each location.  This cart can be easily moved around your plant or facility and used in many different oil filtration applications.


  • Velcon Systems Portable Oil Filter Cart is a complete filtration system on wheels
  • Can be used with Velcon Aquacon filters for water removal and particulate removal
  • Velcon Super-Dri cartridges can be used in this system for dissolved water removal
  • Unit comes complete with pump, motor, hoses, and gauges
  • Maximum Flow rate – 5 GPM
  • Filtration down to 0.3 micron
  • Can be used when filling new oil in sump to insure cleanliness.
  • Hydraulic oil, insulating oil, circuit breaker oil, turbine oil, biodiesel fuel, lube oil, cutting oil, quench oil, diesel fuel.
  • Move from tank to tank, application to application or keep running for maximum oil cleanliness

Link to Parker Velcon Industrial Filtration Line