Plastic Filter Cartridge Housings

Plastic filter cartridges can be the answer to many point of use filtration needs.  Housings can handle up to 50 GPM with a Big Blue 4.5″ X 20″ cartridge.  Options include standard, high temperature, high purity housings for aggressive chemicals, clear bowls to see what contaminant is being trapped, and value-in-head housings for easy change out of cartridges.


  • Plastic Filter Cartridge Housings for many point of use applications.
  • Big Blue Filter Housings for 4.5″ diameter filters
  • Clear Bowl & Blue Opaque Filter Housings for 2.5″ diameter filters
  • High Temperature Plastic Filter Housings
  • Valve-In-Head Filter Housings
  • High Purity filter housings for aggressive chemicals or high purity water.
  • 10″ length and 20″ length, 4.5″ diameter or 2.5″ cartridges
  • 3/4″ connections standard up to 1.5″ diameter on Big Blue Housings.

Link to Watts Water Plastic Filter Housings Specification Sheet