Parker Megaflow™ Filter Cartridges

Parker Fulflo Megaflow filter cartridges provide a cost effective alternative to wound/depth 2.5″ diameter cartridges in high flow applications by reducing the number of filters required for change out.  Each Megaflow filter cartridge can handle up to 250 GPM, with housings holding up to 19 cartridges and 4,750 GPM flow.  Lack of a solid core makes them easier to dispose of than wound/depth cartridges.


  • Parker Megaflow Filter Cartridges are high flow large diameter cartridges.
  • Can handle flow rates up to 250 gpm per cartridge.
  • Replaces the capability in flow of (50) 10″ wound filters.
  • Megaflow cartridge can reduce capital expenditure by using smaller housings.
  • Available in either pleated polypropylene or cellulose media with nominal ratings of 0.5, 1, 5 and 10 micron.
  • Efficiency at rating is 90% – mimicking the efficiency of standard depth cartridges.
  • Standpipe in housing assumes the role of the cartridge core, allowing up to 150 psid maximum.
  • Maximum temperature – 200 degrees F

Link to Parker Megaflow Filter Cartridge Specification Sheet