Yardney IMA-65 Iron and Manganese Removal Filters

Yardney IMA-65 Iron and Manganese Removal Filters are the answer to the question of how to removal harmful iron from small to medium water systems.  Media is not expended and does not require regeneration.  Arsenic is found to be effectively removed with associated with iron-containing influent.


  • Yardney IMA -65 Iron and Manganese Removal Filters are built for medium and large potable water systems
  • IMA-65 is a specialty media designed for the removal of iron and manganese without the use of potassium permanganate.
  • The unique micro porous structure of the IMA-65 efficiently removes dissolved iron to as low as 0.005ppm
  • Operates with the continuous injection of sodium hypochlorite at low levels
  • IMA-65 is not consumed in the process, and regeneration is not necessary with sodium hypochlorite feed
  • Arsenic removal – the IMA-65 has been shown effective in the removal of arsenic associated with iron-containing influent.
  • Systems are custom built for your flow rate requirements.