Parker Fulflo® Honeycomb™ Wound Filter Cartridge

Parker has one of the world’s largest manufacturing plants for wound filter cartridges, offering superior quality along with technical, engineering and marketing support.


  • Parker Fulflo® Honeycomb™ Wound Filter Cartridges are the most versatile filter cartridges ever made.
  • Cotton, rayon, polypropylene, polyester and acetate materials are FDA listed as acceptable for portable and edible liquid contact according to CFR Title 21.
  • 0.5µm to 100µm ratings, wound filter cartridge design.
  • NSF 61 Rated for potable water.
  • Made in the USA for fast delivery.
  • Glass Fiber Wound Cartridges for high temperature applications.
  • Double open end, single open end, and custom designs available.
  • Lengths from 4″ to 50″ can be made with continuous wind – not segmented.
  • Wound filter cartridges date back to the 1930s – newer technologies include computer controlled winding machines, man made roving, and super-strong plastic cores.
  • Typical models include: 39R30S, M23R10A, E15R4GV, T11R40A, 39R30SV, 19R10G, HFT5M40A-DUN

Link to Parker Fulflo Honeycomb String Wound Filter Cartridge PDF