Parker Fulflo® DuraBond™ Filter Cartridges

Parker’s Fulflo® DuraBond Cartridges are the most economical high strength filter cartridges available.


  • Polyolefin melt blown material of construction gives a rigid strong filter media structure
  • Fulflo Durabond Cartridges are available in nominal ratings of 1µm, 3µm, 5µm, 10µm, 25µm, 50µm, 75µm, and 100µm.
  • Fixed pore structure provides efficiency integrity and optimum particle retention.
  • Thermally bonded bi-component fiber matrix provides rigid dimensionally stable construction without fiber migration.
  • Cleaner than resin bonded cartridges while handling high viscosity fluids with ease.
  • Can handle higher flows than wound cartridges with less pressure loss.
  • Can withstand up to 100 PSID pressure at ambient temperatures
  • NSF61 certified for use in municipal water systems

Link to Parker DuraBond Specification Sheet