Big Bubba Filter Housing

The Big Bubba Filter Housing System is a versatile fiberglass reinforced filter housing that can accept pleated, depth, and activated carbon filters.  Big Bubba can handle flow rates up to 150 GPM with pleated cartridges, 50 GPM with depth cartridges, and 15 GPM with activated carbon cartridges.  This filter housing has been used for whole house filtration, chick coop water filtration, small industrial water filtration, and for beverage make-up water filtration.


  • Watts Water Big Bubba Filter Housing is made from glass reinforced polypropylene
  • 304 Stainless steel hardware
  • 2″ slip pipe fitting inlet/outlet
  • 150 GPM max with single pleated cartridge
  • Activated carbon filters yield 15 GPM
  • 125 psi rating, 175 degrees F max
  • Great for whole house filtration system, chicken coop water filtration, beverage make up water, and small industrial water applications.

Link to Watts Water Big Bubba Specification Sheet