Air Panel Filters

H.C. Warner, Inc. can be your complete source for basic and custom air panel filters.  We supply cardboard frame fiberglass filters, pleated HVAC filters, HEPA filters, high efficiency sock filters, dust collector bags, and aluminum cleanable panel filters.  Customers include hospitals, paint booths, gun ranges, commercial and industrial HVAC systems, high end home filtration, and clean room manufacturing.



  • Standard and custom size air panel filters
  • Pleated and fiberglass panel styles
  • HEPA filters
  • Bag filters for air use
  • High efficiency sock filters
  • UV Light Systems for mold prevention
  • Anti-microbial treated air filters
  • Permanent aluminum cleanable air panels
  • Rigid Cell air filters for high temperatures
  • Hospital grade HEPA filters
  • Clean Room filters
  • Activated Carbon Filters for Odor Removal