Velcon Adsorbent Cartridges

Velcon Adsorbent Media Cartridges feature Fuller’s Earth or Activated Alumina for absorbing contaminants in oil.¬† Fuller’s earth has been used for over a 100 years to remove impurities in oil.


  • Velcon Systems Adsorbent cartridges are available with Fuller’s Earth or Activated Alumina
  • Adsorbent media removes acids, gums, surfactants, varnishes, soaps, color bodies, corrosive gases, and oxidation products
  • Cartridges have 100 psi collapse strength and 300 degrees F maximum temperature
  • Applications include insulating oil, quench oil, mineral oil, heat transfer oils, transformer oil, and vacuum pump oils
  • Media choices include fuller’s earth and activated¬†alumina
  • Flow rates should be kept at 1 GPM and below for optimum performance
  • 300 degrees F maximum operating temperature
  • Popular 718 size cartridge fit many industry standard vessels