Thompson Filter

The Thompson Filter is a dependable, low maintenance, self cleaning filter screen for applications requiring knock-down of silt, sand, rust, and other hard particulates.  The Thompson filter uses no power – it is a self cleaning conical screen filter than has a flush port that can be purged manually or on a timer.


  • The Thompson Filter by Miller-Leaman is an economical, low maintenance self cleaning screen filter
  • Self Cleansing Conical Filter increases time between maintenance
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction – 316 grade optional
  • Sizes range from 2″ to 10″ threaded connections
  • Flow rates from 100 GPM to 2000 GPM
  • Collected debris can be flushed out of system while running
  • Flush port can be manually operated or put on a timer.
  • Mesh sizes from 16 mesh (800 micron) to 150 mesh (100 micron)