Yardney Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen

Whether pumping water from a basin, pit, natural water source, or cooling tower basin, you need the water to be free of trash or debris that could clog your pump or water distribution system.  Yardney Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen is designed to remove these contaminants on the intake piping so that your next filtration step does not get overwhelmed with junk.  A rotating nozzle spray system constantly blows debris off of the screen, insuring continuous service.


  • Yardney Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen is perfect for drawing water from a natural water source, cooling water basin, pit, or other open source.
  • Sizes range from 4″ to 16″ which can provide as much as 2600 GPM
  • Mesh sizes range from 10 mesh to 30 mesh
  • Rotating spray jets continually clean the screen from the inside
  • Perfect for waste water, municipal water, and irrigation applications
  • Flow is constant even during cleaning.