Parker High Pressure Filter Housings

Parker High Pressure Single cartridge filter housings are designed for applications up to 1,610 psi in carbon steel.  Stainless steel construction is also available as is ASME U Stamped housings.  The Parker M series housings can be made to accept both double open end and single open end cartridges.


  • Parker High Pressure Filter Housings (M Series) are designed for a broad range of high pressure applications.
  • Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, and Hastelloy
  • Lengths up to 30” provide 25 GPM
  • ASME Code U stamp available
  • Flanged connections up to 1332 psi
  • NPT connections up to 1610 psi
  • Can be made to accept DOE (Double Open End) and SOE (Single Open End) cartridge styles
  • Applications up to 500 degrees F with FEP encapsulated silicone O-rings.

Link to Parker M Series High Pressure Filter Housings Specification Sheet