Filters for Food & Beverage

Filters used in food contact should have FDA Grade materials and be manufactured in a facility that insures their cleanliness. Backwashable filters can be used in beer trap applications. Membrane filters can insure bacterial and viral-free product. All compressed air that comes in contact with food or drink should be GFSI certified for this contact. Flavorings and additives can be clarified, and distilled spirits filtered through activated carbon for refinement.



  • Parker’s FDA grade cartridges are perfect for food & beverage applications
  • Pleated polypropylene is highly efficient and has no finishes or additives
  • Poly-Mate PXD cartridge is backwashable and good for tough applications
  • Membrane cartridges such as the Clariflow can provide bacteria-free liquids
  • Capsule filters can fit applications such as colorings, flavorings, and gases
  • Applications include beer trap, wine, bottled water, distilled spirits, and sweeteners