Falls Filtration Technologies

Falls Filtration Technologies and H.C. Warner, Inc. have a long history of supplying the highest quality air intake and filtration equipment to the industrial, agricultural, and aviation/aerospace industries.  Typical applications include engine filtration on gas and diesel, filters for generators and gas compressors, commercial and light aircraft filtration, military aircraft filters, vacuum pump filters, pressure blowers, and filtration required on locomotives.



  • Falls Filtration¬†Technologies is formerly AirMaze Inc. from Stow, Ohio.
  • Falls Filtration manufactures a wide variety of filters for the industrial and aerospace industries.
  • Their very first product: Unimaze was installed on the “Spirit of St. Louis” airplane.
  • Air Intake systems in plastic and metal construction.
  • Oil wetted wire mesh elements.
  • AirMaze designed product line includes: Unimaze, Multimaze, Breathers, Air Intake Panels, Oil Bath Filters, AutoMaze self cleaning air filter, and Mufflemaze noise reducers.
  • Replacement elements for air intake systems.
  • Many filtration applications in the aerospace, retrofit, and aviation industry.