C-Max Carbon Block Filters

Watts Water C-Max Carbon Block filters offer many different sizes and configurations to meet your filtration/absorption needs.  C-Max filter cartridges can reduce chlorine, lead, cysts, VOCs, taste and odors, and color from your water.  C-Max outperforms filled activated carbon cartridges in both flow capacity and chlorine reduction.


  • Watts Water C-Max Extruded carbon filter cartridges.
  • Available in 4.5″ diameter and 2.5″ diameter sizes.
  • 10″, 20″, 30″, and 40″ lengths available.  Double open end
  • Extruded Carbon block does not shed much dust,
  • Lower pressure drop than other carbon cartridges, up to 8 times better flow!
  • High Chlorine reduction while providing one more stage of 5 micron filtration.
  • Carbon is either bituminous or coconut shell based.
  • MAX-CYST is a 0.5 micron thick wall carbon filter with cyst reduction.
  • MAX-PB is a 0.5 micron thick wall carbon filter with lead reduction.
  • MAX-CL is a 0.5 micron super chlorine guzzler for high Chlorine absorption.