Air Intake Filters

H.C. Warner, Inc. works with several manufacturers to provide our customers with the best in replacement air intake filters.  Whether you require a sewn-end element for an air compressor, panel filters for a paint booth, cleanroom, or shooting range, or a high efficiency HEPA filter for critical applications, H.C. Warner, Inc. can source that for you.



  • H.C. Warner, Inc works with several manufacturers to provide high quality air intake filters.
  • Molded End filter elements, Sewn End filter elements
  • Dust Collector Filter Elements,Panel Filter Replacements
  • Coalescer Filter elements
  • Air Intake housings from 1/2″ to 24″ connections
  • Silencers available on air intake housings.
  • Pipeline Filters up to 30,000 scfm
  • Panel Air Intake Housings up to 36″ connection size
  • Exhaust Mist Eliminators