Parker Sanitary Electropolished Filter Vessels for Critical Applications

Parker’s Advantage sanitary electropolished filter vessels for sanitary applications provide the ultimate in vessel performance and durability for the most demanding, high purity liquid filtration requirements.



  • Single cartridge style up to 30 round housings for higher flow needs
  • Series include: HSA for air/gas, HBA for food & beverage gases, HSV tank vent housing, HSL sanitary liquid housing, HSI In-line sanitary liquid housing, and HIL for water treatment & chemical filtration
  • 10ra, 15ra, and 25ra finishes
  • 316L stainless steel construction and alloy 22 for extremely aggressive fluids
  • Tri-Clover, flanged, and autoweld connections
  • 5 GPM to 700 GPM capacity
  • Designed for Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Microelectronic Chemical, and Sterile Tank vent applications

Link to Parker Sanitary Filter Housings for critical applications Specification Sheet