On Demand High Purity Water

In pharmaceutical labs and microelectronic facilities, on-demand high purity water is essential to the production of water up water, rinse water, and wash water.  H.C. Warner, Inc offers systems that keep water sterile and safe for use in production, through the use of membrane filter cartridges, UV light, and even activated carbon to remove dissolved impurities.  These systems can replace the use of expensive capsules or cartridges in traditional straight through filter systems.



  • Recirculating loop ensures contact water quality at 18.2 megaohms
  • Digital display can record water quality before you dispense
  • 3 stage filtration includes resin beds and 0.2 micron filtration
  • 3 stage UV sterilization eliminates bacteria and TOCs
  • Dispenser is kept sterile with UV light
  • Can be wall mounted or counter-top.