Graver Liquid Filtration GFP

Graver Liquid Filtration GFP Filter Cartridges are borosilicate microfiberglass media pleated filters that feature high dirt holding capacity, higher flows than polypropylene, and higher temperature (up to 230F). GFP media is positively charged, which aids in retention of negatively charged particles as well as the removal of deformable particles.


– Borosilicate Microfiberglass media outperforms polypropylene
– Micron ratings from 0.2 micron to 30 micron
– Lengths up to 40” available
– 222 and 226 as well as DOE connections to fit all standard filter housings
– Excellent filter for petrochemicals, solvents, lube oil, inks and coatings

Link to Graver GFP Pleated Filter Cartridge Specification Sheet