Cellulo Cellu-Stack Disc Filters

Gusmer Cellulo Cellu-Stack filters are stacked-disc filters featuring controlled porosity gradient density media.  Stacked Disc filters are typically used for clarifying liquids such as flavors, perfumes, distilled spirits, juices, edible oils, vinegar, cosmetics, and inks.


  • Gusmer Cellulo Cellu-Stack filters are controlled porosity gradient density filters
  • Available with or without embedded diatomaceous earth.
  • Series 1300 is best for coarser applications between 1-30 micron
  • Series 1900 is a clarification grade filter with retentions starting at 0.1 micron
  • Available stack sizes 12″ 6 cell, 12″ 9 cell, 12″ 13 cell, 12″ 16 cell, 16″ 16 cell
  • Formulations include: cellulose & d.e. blend, cellulose only, and nylon & d.e. blend
  • Clarifying filters take cloudy product and make it crystal clear.
  • Typical applications include cosmetics, fine chemicals, flavors, fragrances, printing inks, & gelatins.