Beko Clearpoint Particulate Filters

Beko Clearpoint Compressed Air filters offer a variety of sizes and media to meet your most important applications.  Whether it be removing particulate and moisture through coalescing, knocking down water droplets prior to a dryer, or removing odors from compressed air, Beko Clearpoint can solve your problems.


  • Beko Clearpoint Compressed Air Filters
  • Flow Optimized Housing made of seawater resistant aluminum.
  • Coalescing filters, water separators, particulate filters.
  • Particulate retention from 0.1 micron to 25 micron, up to 6 layers of media.
  • Activated Carbon element also available.
  • Flow rates from 24 cfm to 1900 cfm.
  • Maximum pressure rating 232 psi (16 bar).
  • Flanged series for bigger applications.