Beach T-Line Filters

Beach T-Line Filters – The Triple action advantage combines three filtration processes: mechanical separation, coalescing, and desiccant filtration providing clean, dry air to your pneumatic tools and other compressed air driven equipment.


  • Beach T-Line Filters provide point of use filtration in compressed air systems.
  • Mechanical Separation (A)
  • Coalescing (B)
  • Sump (C) The mechanical separation and coalescing step results in 80% of the oil droplets, water and large particle removal. Net result, longer desiccant element life.
  • Beach Patented Cylform¬© Desiccant Element (D) results in the final filtration.
  • Applications include: pneumatic tools, compressed air nozzles, inflation point of use, and breathing air.
  • Point of Use compressed air filters, coalescers, and desiccant dryers.

Link to Beach Filters T-Line Filters Specification Sheet