Chisso CP Polyolefin Filter

Chisso CP Polyolefin Depth Filter Cartridge

JNC Chisso CP Depth Filter cartridges are the highest quality depth filter cartridges on the market.  Manufactured in Japan, the rigid pore structure of these filter cartridges enables the flow of high viscosity fluids without altering micron rating of the filter through excessive pressure.  Extremely clean with low extractables, this cartridge is the perfect prefilter for your high quality coatings, paints, and inks.

Product Description

  • Polyolefin Melt Blow depth filter cartridge
  • Stable filtration media = consistent porosity
  • Excellent chemical & temperature resistance
  • Micron ratings from 1 micron to 350 micron
  • Lengths from 10″ to 30″
  • High temperature version also available
  • Inventory stateside in Los Angeles, CA